Russell Bell

Hometown: Essex - United Kingdom
Genres: Score
Russell Bell is a British born UK based modern composer with some 22 years under his belt. Signed to Couldb entertainment supplying a steady stream of mixed genre cues from Dramedy to full on movie trailer epic cues and quite literally, everything inbetween. Having self taught with Piano,bass guitar and percussion,Russell is a well rounded and highly versatile composer. Capable of becoming the project and the story with every oncoming brief which has seen him place music for a large varied array of projects such as Americas next top model,Project runway,animal planets swamp wars,spike networks Bar rescue to name just a few. Whilst writing for TV Russell is also employed to write demos and beta test various sample products and has worked for Sonokinetic,Sample logic and Sound Iron (formerly Tonehammer),and beta tested PLAY 3 for EWQL. Russell's dedication and passion for music means a very busy and ambitious few months leading into a very exciting 2012 so stay tuned and keep up with the news on the Couldb site and also www.russellbellmusic .com
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